1. A:tm: en:v:as:i ram: A:tm: en:v:as:i ram: dS:rT: n:dn: ram: j:y: j:y: j:an:ki j:iv:n: ram: Ay::Dy:a v:as:i ram: Ay::Dy:a v:as:i ram: (repeat 2nd line) ArNy: v:as:i ram: ArNy: v:as:i ram: (repeat 2nd line) Ahly:a ur ram: Ahly:a ur ram: (repeat 2nd line) B:Vt: v:ts:l: ram: B:Vt: v:ts:l: ram: (repeat 2nd line)
  2. (Ram, indweller of every soul; Son of Dasaratha, Glory to Ram, the very life and soul of Janaki; Ram, the dweller of Ayodhya; Ram, the one who lived (for 14 years) in Aranya (forest); Ram, who redeemed Ahalya; Ram, who has great affection and compassion for His devotees)