1. j:g:da┬:y: ┬:i rG:ěram: j:g:d:­╣ar s:aI ram: j:g:da┬:y: ┬:i rG:ěram: p:rm: p:av:n: t:ark n:am: ┬:i ram: S:t: k:­eX )N:am: s:aI ram: k:­eX )N:am: S:rN:÷ S:rN:÷ A:tm: ram:
  2. (Hey Rama of the Raghu dynasty, the Universe depends on You; Thou art the uplifter of the Universe; Thy name is the most sacred. Hey Ram, a million prostrations to You. Oh Rama Your name brings joy to the Atma. We seek refuge in You)