1. j:y: j:y: ram: j:an:ki ram: :i rG: n:dn: ram: k:s:ly:atm:j: t:ark n:am: s:da sm:raem: ram: p:ret: p:ri:r :i s:aI ram: s:t: p:ael:t: ram: Ahly::arN: din: dy:av:an: s:da sm:raem: ram:
  2. (Victory to Lord Rama, Lord of Janaki. Constantly meditating on Lord Rama - Prince of Raghu dynasty helps cross the ocean of life and death. To Mother Kausalya, He is as loving as her own-self. Always remember Lord Rama, saviour of Ahalya, protector and sustainer of virtuous persons and uplifter of fallen (morally) ones. Chant the name of Lord Sai Rama of Parthipuri.)