1. A:tm: ram: A:n:d rm:N: Acy:t: kS:v: her n:aray:N: B:v: B:y: hrN: v:edt: c:rN:a rG:kl: B:\:N: raj:iv: l::c:n: A:ed n:aray:N: An:t: S:y:n:a s:ecc:dan:d s:ty: n:aray:N:
  2. (Chant the name of Rama, bestower of happiness and resident of our heart. Worship the Lotus Feet of Lord Narayana, Achyutha, Keshava and Hari, destroys the fear of cycle of birth and death. Pray: Lotus-eyed Rama of Raghu Dynasty; Lord Narayana, resting on coiled serpent: Lord Sathya Narayana, Who is embodiment of Truth and bliss.)