1. j:y:t: j:y:t: )B: :i s:aI ram: din: j:n:av:n: dert: en:v:arN: ram: ram: j:y: raj: ram: (2) s:dr v:dn: s:res:j: n:y:n: s:m:D:r B:a\:N: s:aI B:g:v:an: m:ay:a ev:n:aS:k m::x: )day:k p:aeh p:aeh )B: s:aI B:g:v:an:
  2. (Hey Sai Rama, victory to Thee, Hey Lord! You are the protector of the humble and the destroyer of misery. Victory to Thee, Hey King Rama, the One with an enchanting face and beautiful lotus petalled eyes, the One with sweet words. Oh Sai You are the destroyer of Maya (cosmic delusion), the bestower of liberation. Protect me, Oh Lord Sai)