1. kel:m:l: B:j:n: k:dNR ram: k,N:at: rg: kv:ly: D:am: m:ay:a m:an:\: m:en: j:n: )m: m:D:r m:n::hr m:g:l: n:am: p:ret: p:riS: )B: p:rm:atm: p:et:t: p:av:n: p:aeB: ram:
  2. (Worship Lord Rama (depicted with His Bow)! He destroys the evils of this Kali age. The sages loved His compassion and His human form which He assumed with the power of His Maya. His sweet auspicious name enchants the mind. He is the Lord of Puttaparthi, He is the Paramatma, the helper of the destitute, Lord Rama.)