1. k:s:ly:a n:dn: ram: p:rm:an:d A:n:d ram: eS:rRi k p:ret: k ram:, j:y: )S:aet: s:aIS: ram: k:s:ly:a n:dn: ram:, p:rm:an:d A:n:d ram: j:y: m:g:l: p:av:n: ram:, j:y: s:dr v:dhi ram: j:y: s:dr s:aIS: ram:
  2. (Ram, the son of Kausalya, the personification of Supreme Bliss, Victory to Thee, Hey Ram of Shirdi, of Parthi, of Prashanti Nilayam. Victory to the most holy and sacred name Ram. Victory to the beautiful Ram of Seetha (Vaidehi). Victory to the enchanting beautiful Sai Ram)