1. en:D:n: k: D:n: ram: en:b:l: k: b:l: ram: wan: )kaS:k j:an:ki ram: dK:i dy:: ka A:n:d ram: A:n:dr B:Vt: l::k p:erp:al:k ram: p:ret:p:ri:r s:aI ram: )S:aet: en:l:y:a S:at: ram:
  2. (For the poor, Lord Ram is the riches. For the weak, Lord Ram is strength. He enlightens us with knowledge, He is Seetha's consort. For the unhappy hearts, He is happiness. He is the protector of the world of devotees. He is Sai Ram, the Lord of Puttaparthi. He is the One whose abode is at Prashanthi Nilayam and He is the embodiment of peace)