1. )m: m:edt: m:an:s: kh: ram: ram: ram: ram: ram: ram: ram: ram: ram:, :i ram: ram: ram: p:ap: kX, dK: em:X, l:k ram: n:am: B:v: s:m:d, s:K:d n:av:, Ok ram: n:am: p:rm: S:aet:, s:K: en:D:an:, edvy: ram: n:am: en:raD:ar, k: AD:r, Ok ram: n:am: p:rm: g::py:, p:rm: edvy:, m:*: ram: n:am: S:at: dy:, s:da v:s:t:, Ok ram: n:am: m:at:a ep:t:a, b:D: s:K:a, s:b: hi ram: n:am: B:Vt: j:n:r, j:iv:n: D:n:, Ok ram: n:am: ram: ram: ram:, ram: ram: ram:, ram: ram: ram:, :i ram: ram: ram:
  2. (With a heart filled with love, say Ram's name; Ram's name burns all sins and sorrows; Ram's name is the auspicious boat with which the ocean of life can be crossed; Ram's divine name gives great peace; His name gives support to those who have no support; His name is the greatest secret, the greatest divine mantra; He always resides in the hearts of saints and devotees; His name is mother, father, relation, friend and all; Ram's name is life's treasure, for all devotees.)