1. rG:kl: B:\:N: raj:iv: n:y:n: I:ramb: n:dn: s:ty: s:aI ram: j:an:ki v:ll:B: l:av:Ny: ram: en:,p:m: s:dr s:g:N:aB:i ram: )S:aet: en:l:y: p:av:n: D:am: j:y: j:y: ram: )B: s:aI ram:
  2. (Hey Sathya Sai Rama, You are the jewel of the Raghu dynasty, You have beautiful eyes, You are the son of Eshwaramba. You are the beautiful Rama, the consort of Janaki. You are the incomparable enchanting One with divine qualities. You are the One whose abode is the auspicious Prashanti Nilayam. Victory to You, Lord Sai Ram)