1. rG: n:dn: h rG:n:dn: py:ar m:r n:dn: rG:n:dn: rG:n:dn: h rG:n:dn: raj:iv: l::c:n: rG:n:dn: dS:rT: t:n:y: rG:n:dn: dS:m:K: m:dn: rG:n:dn: j:an:ki j:iv:n: rG:n:dn: rG:n:dn: h rG:n:dn:
  2. (Hey Rama, son of Raghus, my beloved child, You are the One with beautiful eyes. You are the son of Dasharatha and the destroyer of the ten headed demon Ravana. And You are the very breath of Janaki)