1. rG: p:t: (:i) ram:c:d raG:v: dy:a en:D: m:aD:v: (:i) raeD:kS: g::ev:nd hr k\N: (2) p:S: p:t: (:i) p:av:t:iS: S:kr s:da eS:v: (2) s:aI ram: (:i) s:aI Sy:am: s:ty: s:aI raG:v: (2)
  2. (O Rama, Lord of the Raghus, Who is still and shining as the moon, Thou art an Ocean of Mercy O Krishna, splendid Lord of Radha, Protector of our souls and Remover of sorrows O Lord of all creatures, Beloved of the Mother Parvati, Thou art the unchanging Shiva, the Source of Goodness O Lord Sai, Thou art both Lord Rama and Lord Krishna )