1. Nis Din Smaranam Sayeesha Charanam Sumira Naama Smaranam Madhuram Hum Aagaye Theri Sharanam Sadguru Charanam Parama Paavanam Sharanam Sharanam Sayeesha Charanam Brahmananda Pradaayaka Charanam Sathya Swaroopam Sadguru Naatham Prashanti Nilayam Paramaatma Roopam
  2. (Let us remember (meditate upon) the Lotus Feet of Sai. Let us remember the sweet name. We have come under Your protection. We have come to the most holy auspicious Feet of the noble perceptor. Surrender, surrender at the Feet of Sai, those Feet which can bestow the supreme bliss. Our noble perceptor is the embodiment of Truth. Our Sai is in the form of Paramatma (supreme soul) at Prashanti Nilayam)