1. Aanand Sey Gaav Paramaanand Sey Gaav Sachidananda Sai Hari Guna Gaav Aanand Sey Gaavo Mangala Naam Madhura Bhaav Sey Gaavo Hari Naam Madhura Bhaav Sey Gaavo Sai Naam Bhaktha Jano Mil Kaho Prem Sey Bhakthaadheeshwara Sai Hari Naam Parthi Maheshwara Sai Hari Naam
  2. (Sing with joy! Sing with rapture! Sing the divine attributes of our Lord Sai. With a blissful mind, sing that auspicious Name. Sing with a mellow feeling of tenderness mingled with devotion. Get together with fellow devotees and chant with love that Divine Name of our Lord Sai Baba.)