1. Rama Naama Ghanashyaama Naama Shiva Naama Sumir Din Raat Sai Naama Sumir Din Raat Sarala Bhaav Sey Naama Bhajo Prema Bhakthi Sey Naama Japo Sai Naama Sumir Din Raat Shaanti Pradaayaka Sundara Naam Moksha Pradaayaka Mangala Naam Hari Naama Sumir Shiva Sumir Sai Naama Sumir Din Raat
  2. (Night and day remember the names of Rama, Krishna and Shiva. Throughout day and night dwell on the name of Sai Baba. With a mind, pure and serene, chant Sai's name. Repeat the Name silently in the mind, in an attitude of love and devotion. That Name will fill you with peace. That Name will give you salvation.)