1. h An:aT: n:aT: s:aI t:m: h: At:y:aem: t:m: h: m:r B:g:v:an: din: dK: B:j:n: s:hara d: m:J: A: m:r s:aI B:g:v:an: dy: m:edr m: A:A: s:aI m:r dij:: kp:a v:dn: t:m: h: m:r B:g:v:an:
  2. (O Indweller of Heart ! O Lord Sai ! Thou art Lord of those who have no one to support and take care of. O Lord Sai ! O Destroyer of the miseries of afflicted ! Kindly grant me shelter and protection. O Lord Sai ! Welcome in my heart and bless me with Thy grace. Thou art my Lord.)