1. k,N:a s:ag:r edvy: sv:-p: p:ap: ev:m::c:n: ram: dK: B:j:n: :i ram: All:ah I:r t:- n:am: y:adv: m::hn: h G:n:Sy:am: p:ret:p:ri:r din: j:n:av:n: dK: B:j:n: :i ram:
  2. (Oh Lord, the ocean of compassion, the One with Divine form, Oh Lord Ram, the destroyer of all sins and unhappiness, Allah and Eeshwara are Thy names. Oh beautiful Yadava (born in the Yadu clan), Oh great blue complexioned One, Oh Lord of Puttaparthi, You are the ocean of mercy and the dispeller of unhappiness)