1. m:n: Ok b:ar her b::l: her her her b::l:: B:v: es:D: p:r kr l:: b:an:d -p: her p:et:t: p:av:n: her Ok b:ar her b::l:: m:n: Ok b:ar s:aI b::l: s:aI ep:t:a s:aI m:at:a s:aI g:, wan: dat:a ec:dan:d -p: s:aI p:et:t: p:av:n: s:aI Ok b:ar s:aI b::l::
  2. (O Mind! Chant and worship Lord Hari. Lord Hari is our Parent, Guru and Bestower of supreme Knowledge. He is the Lord Infinite. Oh mind, recite the name of Lord Sai, He is our father and Mother, He is our Guru, the One who can confer wisdom on us. Always blissful Lord Hari helps us to cross the deep ocean of life and death and uplifts us)