1. m:edr m: t:m: ram: s:aI m:esz:d m: t:m: hi m::hmm:d g:,ar m: t: g:, n:an:k m:n:m:edr m: s:aI s:aI b::l:: ram: Okhi n:am: s:b: em:l: b::l:: s:aI ram:
  2. (O Lord Sai Ram, in the Temple Thou are worshipped as Lord Ram, In the masjid You are worshipped as Almighty Nur Mohammed. In Gurudwara, You are worshipped as noble teacher Nanak. In the temple of mind, You are worshipped as Lord Sai Ram. O Lord Sai Ram, Thou art One, but worshipped by different names and forms in various places; Together let us chant Sai Ram!)