1. m:g:l: kr h m:g:l: dv: dy:a kr: m:haraj: s:aI kp:a kr: m:haraj: s:aI dy:a kr: m:haraj: s:aI s:, s:aI p:rm: dy:al: )S:aet: en:l:y:a raD: g::p:al: rx:a kr: m:haraj: / kp:a kr: m:haraj:
  2. (Grant us bliss, O King of Bliss; Shower Your Grace, Sai, the Lord of Lords, Bless us, Sai, the King of Kings, Thou art the eternal Guru forever, the Benefactor You reside in Prasanthi Nilaya as Radha's Krishna. Please, O Lord, grant us Your Mercy and protect us, O King of Mercy and Grace)