1. m:g:l: m:g:l: eS:rRi m:h:r p:rm: m:g:l: p:ret: m:h:r m:g:l: m:g:l: m:ha eS:v:rae*: p:rm: m:g:l: s:aI el:g::v: p:rm: m:g:l: eS:v: s:aI dS:n: ! n:m:H eS:v:ay: eS:v:ay: n:m:H ! (4)
  2. (O Lord of Shirdi and Parthi! O Lord of Lords! Thou art unsurpassably auspicious; so also the 'birth' of auspicious Sai Lingam on the sacred night of Shivarathri. It is supremely auspicious to have darshan of Lord Sai Shiva on that night. Chant the mantra 'Om Nama Shivaya')