1. en:,p:m: g:N: s:dn: c:rN: n:irj: dl: n:y:n: kaS:ay:ab:r v:\: D:arN: kel: y:g: Av:t:ar en:ty: rj:n: en:m:l: c:ert: en:,p:m: y::g:d m:ha t:j: n:Xraj: ev:rj: A:S:a p:aS: n:aS: IS:
  2. (Praise be to Sai, the One with incomparable qualities, with lotus eyes, wearing the ochre robe, One who is the present age's incarnation, eternal, mind-bewitching, with a pure and spotless history, who is none other than Shiva or Nataraja.)