1. A:h B:g:v:an: A:h B:g:v:an: Arj: s:n:: m:r s:aI B:g:v:an: p:ret:p:ri k t:m: h: D:at:a b:dav:n: k t:m: h: D:at:a s:b: B:Vt:: k m:n: k: B:at: p:ar u:r: n:yy:a m::r s:aI G:n:Sy:am:, s:aI G:n:Sy:am:
  2. (O Lord Sai, Of Puttaparti,hear our prayer, you are Lord and Creator; You are Lord of Brindavan,; You draw the minds of all devotees; Take us across the river of life, Lord Sai, the One with a cloudy complexion, like that of Krishna.)