1. p:al:y: m:a )B: p:al:y: m:a p:al:y: m:a s:aI p:al:y: m:a k,N: kXax: p:al:y: m:a din: deK:y:: k t: hi s:hara (2) )B: p:rm::r p:al:y: m:a m:g:l: kr: )B: m:g:l: D:am: e:T: j:n: p:al:k :i s:aI dv: (2) S:rN: S:rN: t:v: c:rN: (2) k,N: kXax: p:al:y: m:a
  2. (Protect me Lord, protect me. The One with the merciful eyes, protect me. Thou art the support of the unhappy and humble. Hey Lord, supreme Lord, please protect me. Hey Lord, You are the embodiment of auspiciuosness and protector of the good. We surrender at Thy Lotus Feet. Please protect me, the One with compassionate eyes)