1. p:ar kr: uar kr: )B: p:ret: p:ri B:g:v:an: hr ram: ram: ram: G:n:Sy:am: Sy:am: Sy:am: h s:aI n:aT: B:g:v:an: din: dy:a kr: k,N: m:et: kel: y:g: Av:t:ar s:aI B:g:v:an: All:ah s:aI b:ع z::ra\X y:S: eK:st: B:g:v:an: s:aI y:S: eK:st: B:g:v:an:
  2. (Uplift us, Sai Baba of Puttaparti, Lord in the form of Rama, Krishna, Sai Baba; embodiment of compassion and tenderness; divine Incarnation of the Kali age, Allah, Sai, Buddha, Zorashtra, Christ are all forms of the Lord.)