1. p:g: S:y:n: kel: Av:t:ar n:aray:N: her ! p:rm: en:rj:n: n:irj: n:y:n: s:aI:ray: her ! s:ty: s:aI:ray: her ! m:eVt: )day:k p:ap: ev:n:aS:k s:ty: s:n:at:n: t:m: h: din: n:aT: h )B: p:rm::r k,N: s:ag:r t:m: h:
  2. (O Lotus-Eyed Lord of Lords. O Embodiment of Purity, Lord Sai. Thou art Incarnation of Kali Age, oh Lord Narayana, resting on snakes. O Lord of Lords. O Ocean of Mercy. Thou art grantor of liberation; destroyer of sins; saviour of dejected and destitutes.)