1. p:rv:r edg:ar A:l:m: s:aI t: h s:hara eb:g:ar hO b:n:ad m:ael:k t: h hm:ara p:rv:r edg:ar A:l:m:, s:aI t: h s:hara B:l: h rah hm: t::, m:ez:l: t:hi b:t:ad B:Xk m:s:aefr:k:, k:I rast:a edK:ad t:r es:v:a j:ha m:, k:I n:hi hm:ara
  2. (Hey Sai, the One who writes our destiny, You are our only support. You are our Lord. Make us better. We have totally forgotten the way to reach You. You alone have to tell us the way. Please stop us, the travellers and show the way. We have nobody except You)