1. p:ret:p:ri m: j:n:m: el:y:a j:: s:aI ram: n:am: h m:y:r m:kX D:r m:rl:i m:n::hr s:aI Sy:am: n:am: h h eS:v: S:kr um:a m:h:r s:aI S:mB:: n:am: h h p:rm::r p:ret:p:ri:r t: hi m:ra j:nm: h
  2. (In Puttaparti, the Lord took birth bearing the name Sai Ram; He is Sai Krishna, with peacock-feathered crown, enchanting all with the music of his flute; He is Shiva, Lord of Parvati, beneficient Lord; Glory to the supreme God, Lord of Puttaparti, You are my very life.)