1. )B: p:rm::r n:am: g:at: c:l:: g:at: c:l:: m:n: g:at: c:l:: :i s:ty: s:aI n:am: g:at: c:l:: ..()B: p:rm::r ...) kS:v: m:aD:v: :i s:aI k\N: Av:D: ekS::r :i s:aI ram: s:r n:r v:edt: s:aI n:am: b::l:: :i ram: j:y: ram: j:y: j:y: ram: :i ram: j:y: ram: j:y: s:aI ram:
  2. (O mind, go through your life's journey with the Lord's name on your lips. Sing Sathya Sai Baba's Name. He is our Krishna. He is our Rama. He is the Great God who is worshipped by gods and men. Let your mind continually chant "Victory to Sai Ram")