1. )B:j:i t:m: m:ra haT: n: C:R: haT: n: C:R: s:aT: n: C:R: t:m: eb:n: m:ra j:iv:n: k:ra t: h m:ra j:iv:n: s:ar j:g:d:ar j:g:t: ur hm: s:b: k: h t:ra s:hara t: hi s:b: k p:al:n: har t: hi m:ra j:iv:n: s:hara
  2. (Hey Lord, please do not leave my hand, do not leave my companionship. Without You my life is barren. You make up my life. Hey Lord, uplifter of the universe, we all have Your companionship. You are the protector of all)