1. )S:aet: en:l:y:a j:y: s:K: day:i p:ret:p:riS: j:y: s:aI ram: (2) b:ع m:hav:ir ram: A:r Sy:am: (2) y:g: Av:t:ar t:mh k:eX )N:am: (2) m:g:l:day:k t:ra n:am: (2) k:eX )N:am: k:eX )N:am: (2) k:eX )N:am: k:eX )N:am: (2)
  2. (Victory to You Sai Rama, Lord of Puttaparthi. Your abode is at Prashanti Nilayam. You bestow happiness on every one. You are Buddha, Mahaveera, Ram and Shyam (Krishna). Million salutations to You, Sai, the incarnation of this age. Your name bestows auspiciousness. Million salutations to You)