1. )at:H sm:raem: :i s:aI c:rN: )at:H n:m:aem: g:, dv: c:rN: k,N: s:m:d :i s:aI dv: p:rm: p:ev:*: p:ret: en:v:as: dy:at:rg: :i s:aI rg: dy: en:v:as: A:tm:aeB: ram:
  2. (Remember the Lotus Feet of Sai in the mornings. We salute the Lotus Feet of the noble, divine perceptor. Hey Sai, Thou art the ocean of mercy. Thou art supremely holy and auspicious. Hey Sai, Thou enchant our hearts and Thy abode is our hearts. You are Rama who brings bliss to the Atma)