1. )m: s: b::l:: Ok b:ar s:aI ram: j:y: j:y: ram: s:aI j:y: ram: b::l:: ram: b::l:: s:aI ram: )m: s: b::l:: Ok b:ar s:aI ram: h m:D:r m:n::hr ram: h m::hn: m:rt: ram: h k,N: es:D: ram: h rG:p:et: raG:v: ram: h p:et:t: p:av:n: ram: j:y: j:y: ram: j:y: j:y: s:aI ram: b::l:: ram: s:aI ram:
  2. (Once more, recite the Name of Lord Sai Ram. Glory to Lord Sai Ram Chant the Name of Lord Rama of the Raghu Dynasty. O sweet and mind-pleasing Ram, O handsome-faced Ram, You are an Ocean of Mercy, Lord Ram You are the uplifter of the sinners and fallen ones, victory to Lord Sai Ram. Chant with love, once again "Sai Ram")