1. )m: I:r h I:r )m: h I:r )m: h, )m: I:r h hr D:Rkn: m: s:aI ram: h I:r )m: h )m: I:r h, I:r )m: h ram: rhim: b:ع ker z::ra\X Os: n:an:k k:I B:i n:am: j:p::r m:an:v: I:r )m: h
  2. (Love is God, God is Love. In every heartbeat Sai abodes. Love is God, God is Love - God is known by many names - Rama or Rahim or Krishna or Karim, Zorashtra or Jesus or Nanak. O man, whatever name you recite, please remember that God is the embodiment of Love)