1. A:n:d s: g:av: p:rm:an:d s: g:av: s:ecc:dan:d s:aI her g:N: g:av: A:n:d s: g:aA: m:g:l: n:am: m:D:r B:av: s: g:aA: her n:am: m:D:r B:av: s: g:aA: s:aI n:am: B:Vt: j:an:: em:l: kh: )m: s: B:Vt:aD:i:r s:aI her n:am: p:ret: m:h:r s:aI her n:am:
  2. (Sing with joy! Sing with rapture! Sing the divine attributes of our Lord Sai. With a blissful mind, sing that auspicious Name. Sing with a mellow feeling of tenderness mingled with devotion. Get together with fellow devotees and chant with love that Divine Name of our Lord Sai Baba.)