1. rj:t: eg:ri:r s:aI B:j:g: B:\:N: s:aI ec:db:r:r s:aI m:hS: .. (rj:t: eg:ri:r s:aI) h B:v:n::r g::ri S:kr g:j: c:m:ab:r p:ret: m:n::hr S:rN: s:aI )B:, S:rN: s:aIS: (2)
  2. (Sai Baba, You are none other than the Shiva, who is adorned by a serpent around his neck, clad in an elephant skin and resides on the snowclad Mount Kailas and who is also enshrined on the mountain in Chidambaram. I seek surrender in You.)