1. s:da B:j:: s:aI ram: en:D:n: k: kr: dan: Ah kr: b:el:dan: s:da B:j:: s:aI ram: b::l:: b:ab:a hm:ara )aN: b::l:: b:ab:a hm:ara wan: b::l:: b:ab:a hm:ara Dy:an: s:v: S:eVt: m:ha p:,\: k: eZl: s: d: s:nm:an: s:da B:j:: s:aI ram:
  2. (Always chant the name of Sai Ram. Help the poor people with charity. Destroy the ego. Chant - Baba is our life breath, Baba is our knowledge, Baba is in our meditation. From the heart, pay respects to that all powerful, supreme person. Always chant Sai Ram)