1. s:aI b:ab:a b::l:: s:aI b:ab:a b::l:: s:aI ram: b::l:: A:r s:aI k\N: b::l:: ..(s:aI b:ab:a b::l::..) m:edr m: b::l:: A:r G:r G:r m: b::l:: b::l:: Akl: s:B:i k s:g: b::l:: All:ah s:aI b::l:: A:r m::l: s:aI b::l:: dg:a l:xm:i j:y: m:ha kal:i b::l:: n:an:k s:aI b::l:: A:r g::ev:nd s:aI b::l:: y:S: eK:st: b:ع m:hav:ir s:aI b::l:: eS:rRi s:aI b::l:: A:r p:ret: s:aI b::l:: s:B:i D:m: g:T:: k g:, s:aI b::l:: s:aI b:ab:a b::l:: s:aI b:ab:a b::l::
  2. (Chant Sai Baba's Name. Let the names of Sai Rama and Sai Krishna reverberate in your mind. Let the names ring in temples and in every home. Sing if you will, alone or as a group. Call Sai by any name, it matters little, because He is all Names and all Forms. Call Him Allah, Moula, Nanak, Govind, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mahaaveer, Durga, laxmii, Maha kaalii, Shirdi Sai Baba or Parthi Sai Baba. Or call Him as the Origin of the essence of all religions.)