1. s:aI h j:iv:n: j:iv:n: s:ty: s:aI s:aI m:ra, j:iv:n: s:hara s:aI h j:iv:n:, j:iv:n: s:ty: s:aI t:r eb:n: s:aI, s:b: h AD:ra p:ar kr: m:r, j:iv:n: n:yy:a c:rN: l:g:al:: m:J: s:aI knhyy:a
  2. (Sai is the esence of life, life itself is Sai; Sai is the support and sustenance of my life; Without you, Sai, all is darkness; Guide the boat of my life across the ocean; Hold me at your feet, Sai Krishna.)