1. s:aI )m: d S:aet: d A:n:d d s:aI )m: d t:m: h: s:aI dy:a k s:ag:r t:m: h: p:rm: kp:a k s:ag:r A:ed An:t: s:kl: c:rac:r Al:K: en:rj:n: s:aI j:n:adn: s:ecc:dan:d )B: dy:a kr
  2. (Sai grant us Love, Sai grant us Peace, grant us Bliss, Thou art our Father and the Ocean of Mercy Thou art the Deity in the Temple of all gunas, Thou art Endless and without Beginning and preserver of Truth and Protector of Sanathana Dharma. Without an equal and being ever full of Love for mankind Sai, Thou art the Lord of eternal Truth, Knowledge and Bliss. Sai, please grant us Your Mercy)