1. s:aI ram: G:n:Sy:am: B:g:v:an: t:mhara n:am: t:m: eb:n: k:I n:hi rK:v:al: t:m: eb:n: k:I A:p:t: s:B:al: t:m: eb:n: )m: k:I n:hi dn:v:al: t:m: h: m:r A:tm: ram: b:ab:a B:g:v:an: t:mhara n:am: s:aI ram: t:mhara n:am:
  2. (Sai Baba, like Rama and Krishna, your name is God. Without you there is no one to protect us, sustain us in distress and no one to love us. You are my soul Baba.)