1. s:aI ram: h B:g:v:an: s:aI ram: ram: ram: B:g:v:an: s:aI ram: ram: h B:g:v:an: )B:j:i :i s:ty: s:aI eS:v: S:eVt: h B:g:v:an: s:tp:,\: g:,dv: j:y: b::l:: s:ty: s:aI
  2. (O Great Lord Sai ! Let us chant the Name of Sathya Sai, who is Shiva and Shakti (formless Lord and Mother of Forms). Let us chant the Auspicious Name of Sai, who is our utterly sweet Lord, our Divine Guru (Liberator), the universal eternal absolute Being)