1. s:aI ram: n:am: j:: sm:rN: kr n:yy:a us:ki p:ar l:g: s:aI k ar s: n:hi k:I l::X K:ael: haT: b::l:: j:y: s:aI ram:, j:y: s:aI ram: b::l:: j:y: s:aI Sy:am:, j:y: s:aI Sy:am: I:r All:ah t:r n:am: s:b:k: s:nm:et: d: B:g:v:an: (2)
  2. (To those who continually remember the name Sai Ram, the Divine Boatman assures safe passage across the sea of endless births and deaths. He is truly bountiful. No one who has approached the doors of Sai has returned empty handed. Chant "Victory to You, Sai Ram". Sai Baba, You are Allah, You are Eashwara, You are Shiva. Please give Your blessings to everyone and grant them an illumined mind.)