1. s:aI ram: s:aI ram: g:y: g:it: s:da S:B:H A:r S:am: hr Ok p:l: m: hr Ok x:N: m: B:j: hm: s:b: t:ra n:am: s:aI g:y: g:it: s:da S:B:H A:r S:am: k:I kh t:J: j:an:ki ram: k:I p:kar raD: Sy:am: hm:ar el:y: t:m: s:aI B:g:v:an: s:aI g:ay: g:it: s:da S:B:H A:r S:
  2. (Chant 'Sai Ram'. Let us sing glory of Lord Sai Ram day and night, every minute and every second. Some pray Thee as Lord of Janaki- Lord Rama; some as Lord of Radha - Lord Shyaama; but for us, Thou art Lord Sai Baba.)