1. s:aI ram: h G:n:Sy:am: p:rm: dy:aD:r A:tm: ram: S:at: s:g:N: her hr p:rm:atm:a B:Vt: s:rx:k dy:aeB: ram: p:et:t: p:av:n: s:ty: s:aI ram: S:rN: S:rN: h s:aI ram:
  2. (Chant the names of Lord: Sai Ram, Ghanashyaama, Atma Rama, Hari, Paramatma. O Lord Sai Ram! O indweller of heart! Thou art full of mercy and compassion; treasure of bliss and virtues; protector of devotees and uplifter of miserable and dejected. O supreme Lord Sathya Sai, I surrender to Thee)