1. s:aI S:kr n:aray:N: B:g:v:an: t:m: h: m:r )aN: (2) dij:: m:r )B: S:et: m:eVt: es:K:aA: )B: m:J: )m: A:r B:eVt: eS:rRi -p: b:ab:a h B:g:v:an: p:ret:p:ri:r h B:g:v:an: t:m: h: m:r )aN: (2)
  2. (Hey Lord Sai Shankar, You are my very life breath. Please grant me peace and liberation. Please teach me, Lord, Love and Devotion. Oh Lord of Shirdi and Parthi, You are my very life breath)