1. s:n:at:n: s:arT: s:aIS: s:v:::m: g:N: en:D: p:rm:S: ram: s:aI ram: s:aI ram: ram: s:rm:en: v:edt: s:aD: j:n: p::e\:t: s:v: j:n:a:y: s:aIS: s:, dv: s:ecc:dan:d s:aag: S:rN: m:m: g:, dv: ram: s:aI ram: s:aI ram: ram:
  2. (Lord Sai, You are the timeless charioteer. You are the repository of all virtues. You are worshipped by all the Rishis and You look after all the holy people. You are the One on whom all the people take shelter. Hey, noble perceptor, You are 'existence-knowledge-bliss'. I prostrate and take refuge in You, my Divine Perceptor, Oh Sai Ram)