1. s:ty: D:m: S:aet: )m: sv:-p: )S:aet: en:l:y:a dv: ram: h:, k\N: h:, s:aI ram: dv: (2) eS:v: S:eVt: sv:-p: b:ab:a h din: p:al:n: b:ab:a (2) h )S:aet: en:l:y:a b:ab:a h p:N: Av:t:ar b:ab:a All:ah h:, m::l: h:, s:aI ram: dv: (2)
  2. (Hey Divine Lord of Puttaparthi, You are the embodiment of Truth, Righteousness, Peace and Love. You are Rama, Krishna; You are the personification of the power of Shiva. You protect the meek and the humble. You are the Poornavathara (Incarnation) residing at Prashanti Nilayam. Oh Divine Sai, You are Allah, the compassionate One)