1. s:aIS: S:rN: S:rN: s:aIS: s:ty: eS:v:atm:k s:dr IS: s:aIS: S:rN: S:rN: s:aIS: t:aNRv: ,d s:da eS:v: s:aI k,N:a s:ag:r raG:v: s:aI g:an: m:n::hr m:aD:v: s:aI b:e )day:k S:aB:v: s:aI
  2. (O Lord Sai, I surrender to Thee. Thou art the embodiment of Lord Shiva, who loves cosmic dance (Tandava Rudra). Ocean of compassion- Lord Rama; Singer of melodious devotional songs - Lord Madhava; Giver of intelligence and knowledge - Lord Ganesha (Shambhava).)