1. eS:rRi p:ěri├:r s:aI B:j::­ p:ret: p:ěri├:r s:aI B:Vt: j:n: e)y: s:aI rx:a p:aray:N: ┬:i s:ty: s:aI m:T:ěra n:aT: s:aI g::­p:al: Ay::­Dy:a v:as:i s:aI ram: v:˛k┘÷Y v:as:i s:aI n:aray:N: ehm:eg:er S:÷kr s:aI
  2. (Sing/chant the name of the Lord of Shirdi, Lord of Parthi. You love Your devotees and also protects them. You are Sai Krishna, the Lord of Mathura. You are Sai Rama, the dweller of Ayodhya. You are Sai Narayana, the One who lives in Vaikunta. And You are Sai Shankara, the One who lives in the snow clad mountains)